Bill Resto Art

I am a self taught photographer and artist. Inspired by the passion and creativity of others - painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers and most of all nature. I find myself constantly astounded and absorbed by light and the beauty it creates around us.

In my work I see myself more as a conductor than an inventor. I have a passion for exploration and emotional exposure. I respond to each piece as it begins to reveal itself. I am often led down several paths before the real story is revealed. I try to work without preconception, to stay present in the moment of the journey and avoid focusing on a final destination. The ideas I most appreciate are those that arrive in moments of stillness. The adventure of the process is always more exciting for me than the final product. I am obsessed with color, palette, texture, mood and light. The nature of the work is often emotionally and spiritually exhilarating. I would not trade the passion of creation for anything in my life.

A life without creativity or passion is a life unlived. I am a spiritual being roaming this planet existing to love, heal and create.

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